For the 13th consecutive year, ID Theft has been the #1 consumer complaint in America according to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). Statistics show that only 12% of Identity Theft will ever show up on a credit report! Credit monitoring is only a part of the solution and with the Virtual Identity Protector (V.I.P.), we will protect 100% of the problem! Have peace of mind by knowing that anywhere you travel in the world, your family will be covered with the most comprehensive solution available!


Credit Reports

Full-service credit report.

Credit Monitoring

Daily credit report monitoring.


Monitors criminal trading/selling on the internet to detect and alert you if your identity is found to be exposed or compromised.

Change of Address

Monitors and reports if your postal mail has been redirected through USPS without authorization.

Records Monitoring

Monitors municiple courts to alert you if a criminal act is reported under your identity.

Identity Restoration

Receive full-service restoration support from a certified identity theft restoration specialist.

Credit Score

Subscriber will be provided an initial credit score from Transunion.



Monitors your credit score on a monthly basis and provides factors on why your credit score may have changed.


Payday Loans

Weekly non-credit loan report that shows any payday loans or quick cash loans that do not require a credit inquiry.


Lost Wallet Recovery

Assistance in contacting debit card, credit card, ID and account document issuers to have cards cancelled and reissued.